Welcome to Body-Centered Healing.

Are you seeking greater depth and meaning in your life? Feeling held back by the past? Or emotionally overwhelmed? Are you in pain? Body-Centered Healing is process-oriented counseling and coaching designed for discriminating clients who seek an in-depth, soulful approach to healing and empowerment during important life transitions.

Transition and change are exciting, challenging—and sometimes scary. It is common for anxiety, depression, and disorientation—even physical aches and pains—to surface as the necessity for new learning stretches us past our comfort zones. Successfully navigating external change, frequently means breaking new internal ground by diving even deeper than we have in the past.

Body-Centered Healing gives you powerful tools for transitions.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of making a new choice, only to discover the same old outcomes. Body-Centered Healing can help you make meaningful changes so your deeper needs are finally met. If you find yourself confronted with the type of change you never wanted, or are resistant to the kind of change you really need, we can work toward acceptance and integration, and the ability to move toward fulfillment.

Cathy’s style is not out of a textbook. It’s organic, it’s real, it’s really penetrating and powerful. Every single session has produced noticeable results.
—MR, consultant and former client