Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Body-Centered Healing?

In the right setting, our difficulties and apparent limitations become fertile ground for exploration, growth, healing, and authentic expression. Body-Centered Healing is a dynamic, experiential process for navigating the challenge of change by recovering and integrating your creative potential. Every session will engage your mind and body, taking you on a healing journey into the heart of who you are. (You can also read about how I integrate Body-Centered Healing practices into the creative process in my award-winning book Wild Ideas: Creativity from the Inside Out.

2.  What happens during a session?

During each Body-Centered Healing session, I will guide you into the core of a particular symptom, feeling, sensation, thought, or life challenge—allowing direct connection to your inner life processes. Over time, you can expect to encounter a wider range of feeling. The willingness to be present allows emotional energy to shift naturally—from something intense to something tender. As internal barriers soften and recede, there is less of what holds you back and more of whatever you need to move forward: less fear, more confidence; less anger, more understanding; less fatigue, more energy to engage. My role is to keep you focused and supported while providing the context that makes healing possible.

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After relying on my intellect all my life, the experience of moving into my body as a vehicle for exploring intuitive wisdom and truth has been an incredibly powerful way for me to learn.
—MK, lawyer and former client