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Reflections On The Passing Of Youth

This is Part 2 in a series about confronting the reality of death. Read “Death And The Inner Journey” here.

Approximately a quarter of a million people die each day. It can be daunting to acknowledge that each of us are destined to join their ranks. Wise teachers from every walk of life advise us to live our lives with an awareness of Death—not as a depressing reality to be feared—but as an ally who can teach us how to live more fully.

Consulting with Death helps us reflect on the meaning and purpose of our lives—while we still have time to refocus our priorities, make course corrections, or reconnect with friends and family members we may have taken for granted while pursuing material ambitions.

img047The natural desire to look back on the course of life generally occurs midway through the journey. For many, the process of taking stock begins around forty but, for others, the urge to reflect doesn’t begin until much later. Taking stock, taking time to sift through the incredible wealth of experience—including your losses, failures, joys, and many accomplishments—launches you on a journey of fulfillment for the second half of life.

If you wish to explore further, work with one or more of the following questions designed to help you reflect on your journey thus far. Write, draw, dance, paint, meditate…

  • What are the defining experiences of my life?
  • Can I list key points of wisdom from each decade of my life?
  • Have I done what I came here to do?
  • What remains undone? What dreams have been deferred? Am I ready to let them go permanently or do they still mean something to me?
  • What or Who matters most at this stage of life? How have my priorities changed?
  • What new paths or options do I wish to explore?
  • If there is anything I could change about my life right now what would it be?
  • Might changing my attitude do more for me than changing my circumstances?
  • When I think about my regrets, which ones can I still do something about? Which ones do I need to grieve and accept?
  • What do I still hold against myself?  Am I ready to forgive myself so I can move on?
  • What conversations do I need to complete? Who do I still need to forgive?
  • Who have I hurt and how can I make amends? Who needs to know that I love them?
  • How has death touched my life thus far?
  • What feelings surface when I imagine my own death?
  • What do I wish to leave behind as a gift to the others?
  • Are there practical preparations I still need to make for the end of life?

Porcelain skyIntrigued? Curious?
Want to know more about my experiential, creative approach to navigating midlife, end of life, as well as other major life transitions? Contact me for a 20-minute complimentary phone consultation. Read related post: Death And The Inner Journey.

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