Reflections On The Passing Of Youth

This is Part 2 in a series about confronting the reality of death. Read “Death And The Inner Journey” here.

Approximately a quarter of a million people die each day. It can be daunting to acknowledge that each of us are destined to join their ranks. Wise teachers from every walk of life advise us to live our lives with an awareness of Death—not as a depressing reality to be feared—but as an ally who can teach us how to live more fully. More

Matters of the Heart

We met for dinner and conversation. We three woman of a certain age. Two of us are single, the other is in a relationship on the verge of … well, it sounded like it could go either way. Two of us struggle to stay open to the possibility of loving again. One of us has never really lived alone for very long, but thought it would be a good thing for her. “Perhaps in another life,” she offered brightly. More